V.A. - The Wierd Compilation Vol II (2008)


A1 Xeno And Oaklander - A Beginning
A2 Martial Canterel - Windscreen
A3 Envenomist - A Vague Disquiet
A4 Staccato Du Mal - Su Ultimo Secreto
A5 Demons - Sick By Water
B1 Spine Scavenger - Weighted Ghost 2
B2 Epee Du Bois - Misery
B3 Xeno And Oaklander - Blue Flower
B4 Angel Of Decay - Malignant Tumor Of The Heart
B5 Flesh Graey Display - A Smoke Filled Room
C1 Wave Tank - For Whom The Bell Tolls
C2 Hive Mind - Omission
C3 Human Puppets - Faces (Behind Walls And Closed Doors)
C4 Waves (6) - :59
C5 A Squared* - Soulfood
D1 Carlos Giffoni - There Are Other Gates
D2 Xeno And Oaklander - Celeste
D3 Pax Titania - Cycles:13
D4 Audiodakt - Wahrheit
E1 Siamese Pearl, The - Destroying The Prefrontal Cortex
E2 Vendome - Lightwave Emissions
E3 Waves (6) - :10
E4 Sleep Museum - Nepal (Departure)
E5 Charlie Draheim - Guts On The Dancefloor
E6 Private Entertainment - Serenade (For A Changed Heart)
F1 Martial Canterel - Pathway Splits Apart
F2 A Vague Disquiet - In Fives: Failure Edit
F3 Angel Of Decay - Cold White Beds
F4 Three To Forgotten - Frostbite
F5 Tobias Bernstrup - Enemies Of The Earth
G1 Sleep Museum - We Who Are
G2 Opus Finis - Perplexed Pathos
G3 Siamese Pearl, The - The Rape Of Persephone
G4 Led Er Est - Woman In A Cafe / Communication
G5 Hive Mind - Templar
H1 Cadaver In Drag - Hair, Skin, And Teeth
H2 Epee Du Bois - Jurieux In The Garden
H3 Ronin (10) - For A Dead Lady
H4 Zug Im Veins - Je Suis Un Autre

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